Week 6: Data and Media- An Unrequited Love?

Data, for the most part is information. Anything that can be processed. It gives us meaning and direction in our lives. Data is the foundation from which we go about our day to day lives. Eg, shopping, education, maps etc

The increase in technology has enabled us to access data more easily and super accessible, making the relationship between data and media a directly correlated relationship.

They both rely on each other, the media relies on data on delivering statistics, news and information to the public. Data gives us stability, we often rely on statistics to tell us how we feel in a way.

Movie reviews for example, http://www.rottentomatoes.com/ is the biggest movie rating/review site, where professional critics as well as customers come to give their rating and opinion of a movie. All this data provided by pro’s and consumers is recorded and accumulated into one big fat database of information. In turn, I usually jump on this site to check out how a movie is doing before I go to the cinemas to watch it – data influences your choices.

Aside from this, numerous apps such as diet ones, where you record what you eat.. to help you lose weight – or organization ones, where you put in your daily tasks and goals.. weather apps, transport apps, and also my latest one the ‘sleepapp’ where it records your sleep movement. There are multiple ways in which data helps us improve and be more efficient in our lives.

Whether this is right or wrong, I agree with Wolf, when he says we are (and living) in a data-driven world.

In answering the question whether data and media have an unrequited love.. Yes. I think media relies on data, whereas data does not necessarily need media. Data speaks for itself, numbers and statistics are facts, collected from a wide range of sources. The media then uses the data to deliver the information, using it as their basis for whatever they are trying to put out there. Continual data makes it possible for the creation of new technology.. eg enhanced GPS, better models of phones..

Advancing technology makes it possible for us to step outside what our memory allows us to remember, but allows devices to remember and record for us. Smartphones, ipods, tivo, ipads, diaries…

In conclusion, the question put forth to us whether we get along with data is an easy one. Of course, data enriches our lives, it makes it possible for us to make the best choices. And data & media will always interrelate, by working with each other in creating improvements for society.. eg googlemaps

Week 6 word: Transversally

Wolf, G. (2010). The Data-Driven Life. Available at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/02/magazine/02self-measurement-t.html. Last accessed 12 April 2012.

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